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How Do I Organize My Bathroom?

how do i organize my bathroom

How Do I Organize My Bathroom?

how do i organize my bathroomFrom the largest master suite with a jetted tub to the smallest guest bathroom, one of the most common questions we get is, How do I organize my bathroom? It seems the bathroom can end up being a catch-all for almost anything – from stuff you would expect to find in the bathroom to everything from the litter box, a pile of junk mail, and a box of Christmas ornaments. So how do you organize your bathroom? We have some ideas.

Get Rid of What Doesn’t Need to Be There

Start by removing anything from the bathroom that might not ever belong there. It’s time to say goodbye to the products you’ve invested in that you just don’t use. It doesn’t matter how expensive they were; it doesn’t matter if you think you might use them someday down the road. Get a box or a bin (or a trashbag) and remove the products (including old hair brushes, combs, and curlers) and say goodbye. You can donate what’s usable, but throw away anything that’s expired or dried out, or gross.

Get Clever with Containers

From cotton balls and Q-tips to perfumes and lotions, containers can help you keep track of everything you do use in the bathroom on a regular basis while keeping clutter to a minimum. Mason jars, wicker baskets, or even plastic storage containers can bring some control to your clutter in the bathroom.

How Do I Organize My Bathroom with No Closet or Storage?

If you have a small bathroom or guest bathroom that does not have any built-in storage or closet space, it may seem impossible to organize, but it simply requires innovative thinking. Add an over-toilet shelf or hang baskets on the walls to hold everything you need to keep handy. Consider adding a caddy that hangs on the back of the door or wall decor that doubles as storage shelves.

Resist the Urge to Buy in Bulk

While we sometimes talk about this in the kitchen, buying bulk for your bathroom can be a bad idea if you don’t have a way to store it. Yes, Costco-size shampoos and bulk cases of tissue may save you a little money, but what they cost in stress if you don’t have storage space make them more costly. If you have a huge linen closet where you can store extra, great. If you’re trying to minimize clutter, buy what you need and leave the bulk behind.

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