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Organizing Hacks that Really Make a Difference

Organizing Hacks that Really Make a Difference

There are so many organizing projects discussed on the web that are really nothing more than exercises in futility. Some are just moving stuff from one place to another. Others tell us we should just get rid of everything. But every once in a while, we discover some ideas that are light bulb moments. They let us keep the stuff we use, but store it in a much more practical and organized way. Here are some of our favorites:

Brilliant Bath Toy Storage

Working Mother put together a list of the 20 Best Home Organization Hacks, but the one we really love is this idea from Inspired Home. Use a curtain rod with baskets to store bath toys right in the tub space. If you have young children who love to play with toys and foam letters in the tub, you’ll have to find a way to store the wet mess. You’ll understand how wonderful this idea is. It contains the mess and gives the toys a space in which to dry between baths.

Garage Organization Hack

Redbook has a fabulous slideshow with 100 organizing hacks. The one we liked the best, however, was this great idea for storing small items in the garage using a spice rack. Rather than have boxes or bins you must dig through to find something, sort screws, bolts, nuts, and other small items.

Shoe Organizers for Storing Cleaning Supplies and Organizing the Cleaning Closet

36th Avenue offers up this great strategy for organizing your cleaning closet, cleaning supplies, and other items that often end up in a jumble in the closet by using shoe organizers. You can use the shoe pockets to store spray bottles, cleaning cloths, or even toilet paper.

Sheet Storage

Has anyone really conquered the folding of the fitted sheet? With this brilliant storage hack – storing sheets inside the pillow case – from Chatelaine, you won’t need to worry about it, and you’ll have an easy way to store your sheets so that all the pieces stay together.

We Can’t Get Rid of Everything

Not everything we own can go to charity, be donated, or be sold in a yard sale. Some of our stuff we actually need to keep and use, but we know that living with clutter causes stress. Keep that stuff organized so that we can find it when we need it. Keep it from cluttering our lives when we’re not using it, and still have space to breathe is sometimes the best goal.

Of course, being professional organizers, we have some of our own favorite hacks, too – for your kitchen counters, for getting out the door for work more quickly, for organizing your home office.

What are your favorite organizing hack?

Cris Sgrott

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