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Spring Cleaning: Organizing Our Wardrobes

Spring Cleaning: Organizing Our Wardrobes

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Isn’t it about time we get to organizing our wardrobes – putting away the snow boots, heavy sweaters, and raincoats? There’s something wonderful about the lightening that happens in Spring. It’s not just daylight, but moods, clothing choices, and attitudes. Spring is a time for new beginnings – and that makes it a great time to go through our closets, organizing our wardrobes. It’s the perfect time to decide what we can put away and what we can donate or recycle so that we can see our beautiful spring wardrobe choices, even as we learn to embrace our messiness.

Clothing to Put Away

With any luck, winter will be a long way off. Put away heavy winter coats, winter boots, and heavy sweaters. Plastic containers that fit under the bed and designated drawers work well; rotating items to the back of the closet is also a handy way to rotate in spring fashion.

Clothing to Donate or Recycle 

Organizing our wardrobes can be a difficult process, but this is a good time of year to weed out clothing you don’t need, aren’t wearing, or no longer fits (yes, this means even the things with the tags still on them that you bought because the price was right). How do you know if you should get rid of a piece of clothing? If you can answer yes to any of the following, it’s probably time to part with these items:

  • Has it sat in your closet for more than 12 months without being worn?
  • Did you buy it longer than six months ago and it still has the tags on it?
  • Is it too big?
  • Too small?
  • Something you’ve put on, then changed out of before leaving the house?
  • It is uncomfortable?
  • Unflattering?

I say, if it doesn’t make you feel good when you put it on, it’s time to donate or recycle it.

How do you decide what to donate versus what to recycle? If the clothing or shoes are in good condition, donate them. If they have holes, tears, or stains, recycle them.

Be wary about just dumping clothing in a drive-up bin, and consider donating clothing where it will be put to the best use. We suggest:

  • Donate professional wear and work attire to Dress for Success
  • Give evening wear, prom dresses, and accessories to Becca’s Closet or a similar organization in your community
  • Drop off children’s and women’s clothing to local domestic violence shelters
  • Donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army; Goodwill has certain locations that can take clothing intended for recycling

Why keep clothing that doesn’t make you happy?

Happy Organizing,





Cris Sgrott

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