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Give Experiences, Not Things

Give Experiences, Not Things

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

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The results of SpareFoot’s 2016 holiday survey are in, just as people are starting to plan their wish lists. The survey revealed that:

  • 79% of the population says they never use some of their gifts
  • Nearly 1 in 5 Americans never use half their gifts

That’s a lot of gifts creating clutter! Did you know that 44% of Americans make unhealthier food choices when their house is messy? People with a cluttered home experience increased exhaustion, as well.

Instead of giving a gift that is going to create stress, give an experience gift this year.

experience-based-giftsExperience Gift Ideas

  • Dinner & a movie – give gift cards to a local restaurant and movie theater to a couple so they can enjoy a night out. You can add free babysitting to the gift if they have young kids.
  • Spa & massage – Who doesn’t deserve a little pampering around the holidays? From new moms to frazzled business owners (hint), a massage or spa day can be the best of gifts.
  • Sports & event tickets – Treat your loved ones to a favorite sporting event or get tickets to a play, ballet, or concert.

Of course, you can always give the perfect gift: The gift of organization. Organizing Maniacs has gift certificates available so that you can give the gift of less stress to all your friends and family.

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The infographic below provides more interesting holiday gift information. I am happy to see that most people prefer experience gifts to more “stuff.”

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Via SpareFoot.com


Cris Sgrott

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