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Meet Minimalist Matt Stoltz with Biking4Baseball!

Meet Minimalist Matt Stoltz with Biking4Baseball!

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting Matt Stoltz with Biking for baseball.  I would consider him a minimalist!

On April 6, 2015 he set out to visit every Major League Baseball field, traveling by bicycle.  You are wondering, what does that have to do with organizing?  I will get to that!

According to BikingForBaseball.org blog by the time he finishes his trip in October, he will have biked to 30 baseball stadiums, spent 180 nights on the road, traveled 11,155 miles (plus a serious amount of detour miles), and done 2,342,550 pedal strokes!

Why would someone bike around the U.S. you ask? He is creating awareness for the need for kids to be mentored.  He is very passionate about his cause, and on several occasions he reminded me that it only takes a little bit of time to make a difference in a child’s life.  Big Brother & Big Sisters is a great organization, he says.

The organized side of me wondered, how do you prepare for a 6 months trip on a bike? No backpack, just the items you can fit on two saddle pack bags attached to his bike.

“By taking very little” he says. A couple of t-shirts, and he meant literally 2 t-shirts. He then went on to tell me a funny story, one of the shirts got left at his host’s home. He says, “now all my photos are with the same shirt.”  He says, he actually gave up some stuff along the way.  Like what? I asked, “his selfie stick” had to go. He could not bring himself to use it!

Matt spent the weekend in DC, and said yes to all of the invitations and opportunities presented to him.  A group of Nationals fans took him to the Potomac Nationals game, and he said yes to every opportunity given to him.  Including a celebration of Goonies night with a Truffle Shuffle!

I am convinced that he has learned the value of living in the moment, taking little with him, and fully embracing every moment in life.

I was lucky to spend time with him, and be reminded that the best things in life are not things! His prize possession, as he proudly showed me, was his collection of baseball game stubs.  Sorry, the pictures are in his camera!

If you have time, or if you have money please help him in his cause.

Happy trails and safe travels to Matt!


P.S. You can find him on Twitter @Biking4Baseball

Cris Sgrott

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