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Coffee Day

Coffee Day

Coffee Day

Today is Coffee Day.  Wait, that’s not everyday?  It is for a few of us Maniacs, but we’re happy to celebrate it today as well.  Just for a bit of fun, here’s how each Maniac revs up for the morning and customizes their cup o’ joe.


Cris:  “Half and half, no sugar and just one cup a day.”   One cup keeps the Organizing Maniacs world spinning.  Now that’s impressive.


Julie: Strong, two sugars, 1/2 and 1/2, at around 2pm daily. Did I say strong?!” And she means strong.  You won’t catch Julie messing around with weak coffee and if you do, run!


Stephanie: “Black and as frequently as possible.” Some might say that two pots a day on the weekend is excessive.  But don’t say it before she’s had her first cup.


Alexandra: Cream no sugar.” Alexandra doesn’t need sugar because she is already so sweet.  But her clients already know that.


Wendy:  Just plain black. ” No frills here.  Wendy brings enough natural energy to fuel us all.


Karen: Trying to wean myself off of artificial sweeteners, so just cream!” Goal-setting before coffee?  That’s admirable.


Becky:  “Half and half and sugar.”  Becky also thinks the perfect cup of coffee is one that is brought to her so she can enjoy her first cup without having to brave the stairs to the kitchen.  We agree.


Gina: No coffee for me  Say what??


Happy Energized Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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