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Donate your empty ink toner cartridges to CLIPUS

Donate your empty ink toner cartridges to CLIPUS

CLIPUS Board of Directors

Clean up the clutter and help kids

in need with CLIPUS!


Organizing Maniacs is excited to announce that we have found a new resource in our efforts to dispose of unwanted items through eco- and social-recycling. CLIPUS Foundation is using empty ink toner cartridges “To facilitate and enhance the education of children in need by providing them with school supplies.”  CLIPUS Foundation was started right here in our own backyard by 6 high school juniors who wanted to make a difference for those children who could not afford to buy school supplies.

Here is what the CLIPUS Foundation does in the words of the foundation’s president Katharine Jaing,

“We collect empty toner cartridges from companies like you and monetize them to purchase school supplies for the children. This way, we are hitting 2 targets with 1 effort, helping the environment as well as children in need. For every empty cartridge you are able to donate we are one step closer to providing school supplies for needy children in the DC Metropolitan area.”

Do you have unwanted empty ink cartridges or office supplies laying around that you’d like to donate? Contact CLIPUS Foundation today!

Cris Sgrott

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