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Clutter Free Father’s Day Gifts

Clutter Free Father’s Day Gifts

Wright Family

Wright Family

Clutter Free Father’s Day Gifts

It’s Father’s Day and you know what that means. We Maniacs have come up with some clutter-free gifts for the awesome dad in your life.



My dad was always harder to please!  But, he loves politics and soccer.  On Father’s Day I normally let him complain about all of the shortcomings of my political affiliations, and I let him win!  He always catches on but that is still fun.

We let him watch all of the soccer games he wants without demanding a change of channel!


One Father’s Day I got a professional photo done of our girls for my husband. Ok, it was for me, too really. It’s something I would have never gotten around to and doing it for my husband made me get on it. For me, gifts are all about an experience. Going somewhere as a family or letting my husband go golfing, which otherwise he doesn’t do.

Alexandra P:

I made my dad a really awful cake when I was about 10. It was all of his favorite flavors in one cake. He loved it and it was so gross that he didn’t have to share.

Other clutter free ideas would be to make a photo book of some old photos, make a display for something he already owns, or go on a hike.


My favorite ideas are a day of golf then dinner of his choice. One time I had everyone write their Top 10 Reasons Why Dad is the Best and gave it to him with his card. We also did free massages by the kids for Dad.


My favorite Father’s Day memory is the time my sister, mom, and I took my dad on a bike ride down the Newport Beach boardwalk. He is a total beach bum and is happiest when he’s at the beach. We all rode down the boardwalk then had lunch at the Ruby’s at the end of the Balboa Beach pier.

Now that I live across the country from him, it’s harder to do experiential gifts. Last year my sister and I registered (and paid) for him to run in a half marathon he’d been talking about. We also got him a bunch of the Shot Blok energy cubes he eats on the race and a super bright neon yellow running shirt that he loves and my mom hates. It was perfect.

Happy Clutter Free Father’s Day!

The Maniacs

Cris Sgrott

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