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Winter: Cold, Dark, Wonderful – Project #2 Organizing Manuals

Winter: Cold, Dark, Wonderful – Project #2 Organizing Manuals

Organizing manualsWinter Project #2

Target Area: Instruction Manuals

Why:  Because if you’re going to keep them, they need to be easily accessible.

How to do it:

  • Round up all the manuals laying around the house into one spot.  I suggest a room with a big table and a TV.
  • Switch on a good movie that you’ve seen before and really enjoy.  This will keep you inspired, but also allow you to focus on the task, not keeping up with the plot.  Or, turn on the radio and listen to your favorite station or album.
  • Pick a system.  There a many ways to organize manuals, you’ll need to decide which works best for you.  Consider organizing them alphabetically by manufacturer name.  If you have a lot of gadgets with manuals, you may want to divide them into home / electronic / outdoor.
  • If manuals come with extra parts, put them and the manual into a clear gallon storage bag so everything stays together and is easy to read.
  • As you sort, be sure to recycle any manuals for products you no longer own.

Extra tip:  For those of you who don’t like to hold onto paper unless completely necessary, check online to see if the manual is available online or as a PDF.  If so, you can create an electronic folder on your computer to store manuals.  This will allow for easy searching and take up much less space.

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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