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5 Tips for Organized Travel

5 tips for organized travel with image featuring several suitcases and backpacks

5 Tips for Organized Travel

5 tips for organized travel with image featuring several suitcases and backpacksWith the CDC recommendation indicating that we’ve finally reached a turning point in the pandemic, travel is on most people’s minds. 37 million people will travel over Memorial Day weekend, according to AAA. And more people are willing to fly and stay in hotels than at any time since lockdowns around the country began.

While precautions are still necessary, travel is back on the agenda. Here are 5 tips for organized travel.

1. For More Organized Travel, Pack Less Stuff.

We all tend to pack for what-ifs. Whether we’re worried about weather, needing a dressy outfit, or the thousands of contingencies that can happen with a child in tow, we pack too much. Unless you’re going to a place where there are no stores, don’t take too much stuff with you – especially if you’re flying. The cost of additional luggage and overweight luggage can cost you hundreds of dollars.

2. For More Organized Travel, Keep Essentials in the Carry-On

Luggage gets lost or delayed. Keep a change of clothes, your phone charger, and other essentials in your carry-on bag. Unless you’re headed to Australia on a 24-hour flight, that extra book in your carry-on can go in the suitcase (or stay home) so that you can take a few more practical items (like snacks).

3. Plan Ahead

Find out what you’ll need to do to travel to your destination before the eleventh hour. You may need to have proof of Covid vaccination or a negative Covid test. You may need to comply with self-isolating requirements after arriving until you obtain another negative test. There may also still be restrictions in place that prevent you from seeing everything you want to see unless you plan ahead and make reservations. Museums, for example, are open in most municipalities, but require you to schedule your arrival time.

4. Organize Your Suitcase

How you pack your suitcase is important. When you pack smart, you can fit more in a smaller space. Roll your clothes tightly, which not only reduces the amount of space they take up but also helps reduce wrinkles. Fill your shoes with socks and place them at the bottom of the suitcase. Use every inch of space, but invest in a luggage scale so you can adjust before you travel. If you’re flying, place all of your toiletries in a clear plastic bag at the top of the suitcase for easy inspection.

5. Have Fun

All too often, we come home from vacation only to need a vacation to recover from the trip. Come home early enough to have down time before you have to head back to work. And schedule in downtime during your vacation – an afternoon at the hotel, time you haven’t booked to do anything, a spa session.

It’s exciting to think that all of those missed holidays from last year can start being made up now. Just don’t forget your vacation is supposed to be a relaxing break from reality, and more organized travel can help you get there.


Cris Sgrott

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