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Free Training Fridays

Free Training Fridays

I’m sharing with you our series of Free Training Fridays videos that we originally recorded live during the pandemic. In case you missed them or would like to see them again, here they are!


7 Steps To A Simple Filing System

How to Commingle Your Paperwork So You Can Finally Stop Piling and Start Filing!
You’ll learn how to simplify a complicated filing system, how to stop stacking papers and start filing, which papers to keep and why, how long to keep them, and which can be thrown out, how to not duplicate files, and how to find an ideal location for your files.

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(Tech) Tools to Stay Focused When Working From Home

This Free Training is with one of my favorite Productivity Consultants Deb Lee, a Digital Productivity Coach, Certified Professional Organizer®, speaker, and productivity consultant. She is also addicted to apps and loves helping small business owners polish their workflows and leverage technology to get more accomplished every day.

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Learn How to Honor Your Family Memories and Memorabilia

What to do with all of our memorabilia? Were you given family photos and are overwhelmed? Are your family’s photos safe?
We will help you answer some of these questions and you will learn how to clear the clutter around your home and manage your family memorabilia in less time.

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5 Strategies On the Road to Financial Recovery

Shona Bell, a dedicated Certified Public Accountant with 20 years of experience in accounting, finance and business process improvement shares ways to organize and improve your finances immediately. Learn what your options are. Learn how to be consistent with your budget in changing times.

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Little Lies About Time MGMT

Learn how procrastination and overwhelm has been robbing us of being more productive.
You’ll gain some new knowledge of ways to organize and improve your time management that you can implement immediately.

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What’s the Deal with Life Transitions?

Learn some tools to help you navigate your next life transition. More than ever, people are dealing with the changing work landscape, at the same time the kids are flying and the parents are returning.

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Planners, Journals, Daybooks, Oh My!

Explore paper time management tools that can be a game-changer to your productivity and learn some of the problems with planners. Learn 3 strategies to find the right planner for you.

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