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Managing Holiday Overwhelm

managing holiday overwhelm

Managing Holiday Overwhelm

managing holiday overwhelm

Is it the most wonderful time of the year or the most overwhelming? Managing overwhelm during the holidays can be difficult. And no matter how much we all  love the holiday season, this time of year can come with its own frustrations – from crowded shops and streets to quickly emptying bank accounts. ‘

With all the chaos that can ensue, it is so important to manage the aspects of our lives that can easily overwhelm us, from clutter-free decorating and gifts of the heart to managing our own stresses so that the season doesn’t get out of hand.

Overwhelm often is triggered by the chaos that surrounds us. If we have to move all the furniture and stack things on shelves just to fit the Christmas tree and gifts, we may end up feeling less joy and more stress.

By sticking with clutter-free ways to decorate your home and smart steps to manage overwhelm, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays – and even have time to spend with your family instead of hiding in your room having a good cry.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Making a list doesn’t only work for Santa. In fact, list-making is one of the most successful tools for managing overwhelm.  Whether you’re getting ready to decorate, going Christmas dinner shopping, or making goals to help you keep clutter to a minimum, make a list. Whether it’s a pen and paper or notepad on your phone, it keeps you from forgetting things throughout your day. But no list would be complete without a bit of prioritizing. Be sure to organize your list with the most important tasks at the top and you’ll know what you need to dedicate your time to first.

Keep Your Calendar Handy

A calendar is key to avoiding overwhelm. There is nothing more stressful than forgetting your child has a performance at school or that you’ve promised to attend a neighbor’s holiday party. Predictability reduces stress, and routine is reassuring throughout the day. Write down obligations so that you can see what’s coming. You can also use your calendar to visualize how busy the week is getting so that you can avoid overbooking yourself.

Do Your Best to Stay Organized

This is not the time to give your entire closet a makeover, but you can do things to help minimize chaos, like throwing away junk mail as soon as it arrives, and establishing designated spaces for everything from shoes and jackets to the extra food you’re buying for the holidays. You can also get your day off to a better start by setting out clothes the night before to avoid a scramble in the morning. Color code important paperwork or receipts, especially for the holidays, to make sure everything can easily be found later. You’ll also want to avoid the dreaded miscellaneous tab, as that can too easily become a junk drawer or catch all.

Eliminate Clutter

A clutter-free home helps you keep a clutter-free mind, and it reduces the potential of overwhelm in your life. If you don’t need or use it, there’s no reason to keep it. With it being the season of giving, it’s the perfect opportunity to make some donations. If you have used something, put it right back in its place so everything stays tidy.

Searching for clutter-free ways to decorate your home with holiday cheer? We have some great suggestions for to help you keep your holidays focused on family and festivities while minimizing clutter.

Use decorations that serve double-duty.

Decorative platters and holiday napkins can adorn the table or sideboard during the holiday season while they wait to be put to use for holiday dinners. By placing functional items in visible places, you’re getting your holiday décor and dinnerware all in one. Holiday cards these days usually include photos of loved ones. Consider displaying cards as they are received to fill your home with holiday cheer and reminders of loved ones.

Streamline with statement pieces.

There are so many fun decorations in the stores and It’s tempting to bring them all home. Just because they are cute or beautiful or festive doesn’t mean they need to be in your home. If you’re short on storage or trying to minimize excess clutter, decorate with fewer pieces. Choose ones that you really love or that make a big impact. Less really can be more when done well.

If it didn’t make it out of the box last year, donate it.

Holiday decorations can really pile up, especially if you’re in the habit of buying last year’s clearance items so that you have new decorations for this year. On top of what you bought and stored (and maybe forgot about) last year, each year there are new, shiny, beautiful decorations to tempt us. If you’re purchasing new décor, be sure to donate the old items you’re replacing. Anything that didn’t make the cut last year could also be donated to make room for decorations that you truly enjoy displaying. 

Learn to Say “No”

The most important tool in your arsenal for managing overwhelm, remaining clutter-free, and reducing stress is the word NO. Saying “no” is so important to managing overwhelm, and it can be applied to people and things. Say “no” to those extra ornaments if you can barely fit what you have on the tree. Say “no” to that extra baking fundraiser if you don’t have room on your schedule. And feel comfortable saying “no” to that party you don’t want to attend. Your only obligation is to your happiness and stress management.

If all else fails, make cookies.

When isn’t this good life advice?? Making up a batch of holiday baked goods can be a fun bonding experience for the family, especially when you can involve kids. Making and decorating cookies which can then be set out in the kitchen or dining room will fill your home with holiday cheer and make memories your kids will cherish – all without adding any clutter to your home!

Not every day will go as planned, but with smart prioritizing and organization, you can stay on top of what’s most important. You’ll easily manage overwhelm and fully enjoy this holiday season.

Cris Sgrott

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