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Organize Your Fridge

organize the fridge

Organize Your Fridge

organize the fridgeBetween leftovers, the case of popsicles your kids talked you into buying, and the thought of summer barbecues tempting you, your fridge might be extra full this time of year. Keeping your fridge organized can help you use up everything before it expires and find what you need – before you buy it again.

When In Doubt…

We’ve all heard the adage, when in doubt, throw it out. When you go to organize your fridge, this is the first step you should take. Go through everything in your fridge. Throw out all of the spoiled produce and expired dairy and meat products. Once those are out of the way, remove everything else while you wipe down shelves and doors.

Does Your Shelf Setup Work for You?

Most refrigerators have adjustable shelving. If your shelf space isn’t working for you, take time to adjust the setup before you reload. Be sure to use the appropriate storage spaces where you can. Produce should go in the produce drawer, where you can adjust the humidity; meats and cheeses should go in the deli drawer or space, and condiments store well in the doors. By keeping things in their logically designated places, you can see what you have. It makes it easier to know when you need to shop for more, and make sure you use up what’s getting close to going out of code.

Rotation Isn’t Just for Restaurants and Stores

Speaking of going out of code, have you ever had to throw out milk that’s gone bad or had produce rot in the drawer? While it could be that you bought it all with good intentions and didn’t touch it, it’s most likely a rotation issue. The easiest way to organize your fridge is to rotate your products. By rotating the products as you purchase them, you can avoid things going bad before they get used. For example, if you buy a new gallon of milk, place it behind the open one to ensure the open one is used up first. You can do the same with produce, cheese, and meat.

Save Money with an Organized Fridge

When you organize the fridge, you not only ensure that you’re not wasting food but that you aren’t spending money buying duplicates of what you already have. Properly storing your food and setting the temperature on your fridge and freezer can also help you save money on energy costs.

If you need help organizing your fridge or anything else in your home, give us a call. We’re always here to help!


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