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Moving without Stress

moving without stress

Moving without Stress

moving without stressWith more people getting to work from home full-time, being forced to live in densely populated urban areas isn’t necessarily as worthwhile. People are making a break for it (before their employers change their minds, maybe!). But moving is stressful and time-consuming – and the best way to ensure moving without stress is to start planning your move early, declutter and downsize before you move, and plan your packing carefully.

Plan Ahead for Moving without Stress

The more time you have to plan your move, the better. If you have a home to sell, don’t wait for closing to start planning your move. Start shopping for housing and investigate neighborhoods now. And it’s never too early to start making lists of things you’ll need to cancel – cable, internet, phone services, appointments – and things you’ll need to set up – new utilities, etc.

Declutter and Downsize Before You Pack

Make regular sweeps through your house to remove things you don’t need or want. Donate or sell items you won’t be moving (this is likely a cycle you’ll go through a few times). One thing to consider is the cost of moving. For some bigger items, it’s cheaper to sell them and replace them in the new location than to pay for more space on the moving truck.

Last In, First Out

Use logic in your packing. The first things you pack should be the things you can live without the longest (decor items, collectibles). The very last things you should pack are the things you need soon after you arrive (spices, food, clothing). Anything you’ll need on the road or immediately after arriving, you should keep with you – shot records and other important papers, money and banking information, a few changes of clothes.

Be Flexible

When you start moving, not everything will go as planned, and that’s ok. Moving without stress isn’t about everything going well; it’s about being flexible about how everything is going while being as prepared as possible to help everything go right. Whether it’s a delay in the arrival of your moving truck or a complication in getting the kids enrolled in their new schools, it will all get sorted out. Take a deep breath, get some sleep, and keep moving forward.

If you need help sorting, organizing, and decluttering before your move, get in touch!

Cris Sgrott

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