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Habits for a More Organized Life

habits for a more organized life

Habits for a More Organized Life

habits for a more organized lifeHaving good habits can make it easier to keep your life organized. Forming habits requires you to commit to practicing the new behavior every day. It takes 21 days, on average, to form a habit. What habits can you develop that will help you organize your life?

Make These Tasks Habits

To improve your stress levels and improve how organized your life is, these habits help immensely:

  • Make your bed every morning when you wake up. If you make the bed (even if you just cheat and pull the duvet up ) it can make the whole day better. Less clutter equals less stress.
  • Set out the kids clothes the night before. Saving time in the mornings when everyone is in a rush can reduce your stress levels and keep you more organized.
  • Make lunches the night before, too.
  • Do the dishes right after dinner.

Setting out clothing for your kids and yourself, making lunches the night before, and doing dishes right after dinner so they’re not there to greet you in the morning can have a profound impact on how your day goes.

A Place for Everything, but Especially for the Things You Lose

Do you tend to misplace your car keys or your reading glasses? Maybe you have a kid who can never find their ear buds. (Or a husband who can’t find anything). Tackle those things that get lost most frequently first by creating a designated place for them. For example, place a hook by the door for keys, or a basket on the headboard for earbuds. The time you’ll save by knowing right where to look for those items will breathe life into your day.

Clean Up After Yourself Habits

It is so easy to just sit something down and promise yourself you’ll deal with it later. It could be the bowl from your late-night cereal snack, the pile of junk mail that was just delivered, or the load of laundry that just came out of the dryer. Your whole life will immediately feel more organized if you’re able to just do the little things that create big piles of mess when ignored.

When you form habits that you practice day in and day out, not only do you get the immediate benefit of a more organized life but you also eventually do these chores and take these actions without even thinking about it. Your habits become a new lifestyle.

What habits do you need to form to have a more organized life?

Cris Sgrott

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