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Organize Your Thoughts

organize your thoughts

Organize Your Thoughts

organize your thoughtsWe’re in the business of helping people organize their homes. That means we work closely with our clients to prioritize what to keep, what to donate, and what to trash. And we work with them to learn how to part with things that no longer make sense to keep in their spaces. But along the way, one of the things we’re actually doing is helping you organize your thoughts.

Better Organization Happens in the Mind First

If your mind is cluttered, then you can’t begin to focus on prioritizing your needs or accomplishing your goals. It can be a vicious circle. Your disorganized home creating stress in your mind, which in turn feeds your inability to take action. However, if you organize your thoughts, you can declutter your mind and free yourself to be able to take action wherever you need to.

How to Organize Your Thoughts

Think of your brain like a computer. Sometimes, you have to optimize your computer’s memory by clearing the cache and deleting all the temporary files. It’s much the same with your mind – just a lot harder to do because you can’t just push a button and make it happen. But you can train your mind to be more efficient and more focused, and you can “delete” the temporary files and “clear the cache” of your brain through mindfulness exercises and meditation.

How Do I Get This Stuff Out of My Head?

From apps to notepads to recording your thoughts as voice memos, just get the stuff written down. One of the best ways to keep your mind clear is to give yourself the peace (of mind). Knowing that you won’t forget what you were thinking about can do that. So just like you would take everything out of your closet before you’d begin organizing it, record your thoughts somewhere. Then, bring your thoughts back in as you need them – in an organized, methodical manner.

Get Started with Organizing Your Thoughts

First, set aside a block of time – an hour at least. Then, to get started, grab a notebook, your phone, open Evernote, or your choice of recording tool and start writing down/recording your thoughts. Don’t worry about being organized. Just get the stuff out – everything you’ve been thinking about, need to do, worry about, or can’t stop obsessing over. Look over your list. Organize it into things you can forget about, things you need to do, things you can ask for help with, and things you just need to put on your calendar or in your planner.

If you can get in the habit of keeping your thoughts organized, you will find your mind clearer. This book may provide some guidance. With a clear mind, you will be + more capable of dealing with the clutter that surrounds you. And of course, we’re here to help!


Cris Sgrott

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