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Perfect Your Pantry with these Organizing Tips

perfect your pantry

Perfect Your Pantry with these Organizing Tips

perfect your pantryThe holidays are over and we’re headlong into the new year now, making it a great time to perfect your pantry. The pantry tends to get overrun during the holidays as we stock up on seasonings and supplies for baking and preparing holiday meals. Now, however, you can bring everything back in order. Tuck away the food dye until you need it for frosting next year’s cookies. Store the cookie cutters out of the way. Take stock of what you have and replenish what you need. If opening your pantry makes your heart speed up because you feel you might get lost before you find what you’re looking for, take a deep breath. We’re here to help you through it.

The First Step to Perfect Your Pantry

Before you can do anything to perfect your pantry, you need to remove everything. Take it all out. Pile it on the counters, the table, your bed – just get the area emptied of everything you’ve been storing. Not only will this enable you to wipe down all the shelves and sweep out the area, but it’s really the only way you can take stock of what you have.

Cleaning House in Your Pantry

Just as we would suggest with any other room, as you sort through the items in your pantry, you should sort what you have stored in your pantry. First, remove everything that doesn’t belong there. Second, throw away anything that has expired. Third, set aside the seasonal things that you won’t need until the next holiday season – these items can often be stored in a lidded container out of the way.

Make a Shopping List

Unlike other areas of your home, as you sort through the items in your pantry, you may discover some things have expired or some that you are out of that you actually need for every day meal prep. Make a shopping list of the items you need to replace or replenish.

Perfect Your Pantry with Organization

By organizing your pantry so that everything is easy to see and find, you can make every meal easier. Store spices and every day use items, like cooking spray, salt, pepper, and sugar into one convenient-to-access area. Put items you use infrequently on higher or lower shelves. Keep the basic daily use items at eye level.

Don’t Have a Pantry? That’s OK!

All of these tips apply equally as well to kitchen cabinets, especially ones where you store cooking basics and spices. You can even use this approach on your refrigerator.

Need help getting organized? Get in touch! We are always happy to help.


Cris Sgrott

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