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Stay at Home and Organize

stay at home and organize

Stay at Home and Organize

stay at home and organizeWith most states pushing out the date for social distancing to at least the end of April if not longer, we’re going to have to start getting creative with how to use our time. We’re offering free training days every Friday, where we help you virtually organize. If you’ve been laid off, however, and have had your fill of trying to understand common core math, or simply need something to help you pass the time, these stay at home and organize ideas are just what you need.

Closets and Pantries

Now is a great time to get your closets and pantries organized. The best way to do this is to pick one closet at a time. Remove everything from the closet so that you can see the entire space you have to work with. Sort the items you’ve removed from the closet into these four categories:

  • Donate – box or bag up clothing and other items that you’ll be donating once it’s safe to be out and about again. For now, set aside a corner of your garage, basement, or shed to hold these items.
  • Toss out – if it’s ripped, stained, old, outdated, or otherwise not worthy of keeping or donating, get it out to the trash.
  • Put away – a lot of times things end up stored somewhere because we were in a hurry to clean up. If it should go somewhere else, now’s the time to put it away.
  • Put back – these are the things you use and wear every day or logically get stored in your closet (clothing for other seasons, etc).

Now is a great time to swap out your wardrobe from winter to spring/summer. It’s also a great time to sanitize handles and shelves with a Clorox or Lysol wipe.

Shelves and Tables

Take all the books, DVDs, and knick knacks off your shelves and tables. Dust and clean everything. Sort through what you have. Are there DVDs you could digitize with a service like Vudu’s Disc to Digital program? Are there books you no longer need to keep that you should box up to donate to your local library when it reopens? Follow the same sorting protocol we used for closets – donate, toss, put away, and put back. This is a great opportunity to really analyze what you keep on your shelves and whether or not you still need it.

Bathroom Drawers and Cupboards

Is it finally time to gather up all of your outdated prescriptions and cough syrups and get them ready to send to your pharmacy for disposal? As with the other stay at home and organize projects suggested here, start by removing everything from the drawers and cupboards and apply our 4-step category sorter to them. You’ll be surprised at how much bathroom stuff we keep in storage that we really should have thrown away around the time our kids left diapers (2-20 years ago, in other words). Now is a great time to throw it all away – the stray cotton balls at the bottom of the drawer and all the lotions you no longer use.

We’re all going to be home for a while – let’s make the best of it together!

Cris Sgrott

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