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Back to School: Organizing School Lockers

Back to School: Organizing School Lockers

It’s back to school season already!

Did your summer go as quickly as ours seemed to go? Depending on where in the country you live, the kids are either just getting ready to go back to school or just started back recently. Hopefully, you’ve already sorted through clothing and supplies, updated wardrobes and have school snacks in the cupboard. There is only one thing missing. If you don’t catch it early, your child will be wondering where their planner went, and how an entire box of pencils went missing.

Experienced parents know the Bermuda triangle that I’m referring to: your child’s locker. It can quickly become a haven for lost homework, missing pens, and permission slips you needed to sign a month ago. So start the school year off right with these tips to help your child with organizing the school locker.

Locker Shelves

These are an easy fix for heavy books that won’t all cram into the top shelf of a locker. This also offers a partition to smaller lockers that don’t even offer any shelving at all. They can be found at almost any retailer. In addition, they are sturdy enough to take a beating all school-year long.

Magnetic Boxes

These magnetic mesh boxes are another fantastic tool for organizing the school locker. Depending on the size of the box, they can hold anything from pencils to post-it notes to calculators. Your child will always have a pencil on hand, and they won’t have to worry about digging in the bottom of their locker to find one.

Hanging Organizers

These are a great alternative if you need to store loose items. Pencils, pens, scissors, highlighters, and more can easily hang on the door of the locker. They won’t be in the way of jackets or backpacks.

Miniature White Board

This is a great organization tool for organizing the school locker (and the child using it). It can be customized over and over again. Your student can write down important assignments, when to get the bus home, or what day P.E. is (so that they don’t forget their clothes again). The information is right there whenever they open their locker. It  offers a regular reminder of what is on the schedule.

Back to school can be a fun and challenging time. Getting your student organized is the best way to help them be successful, and it’s never too late. Organizing the school locker can happen anytime in the school year. However, its easiest to start now before the chaos sets in. Keeping the locker organized will help you and your student stay calm and prepared, regardless of the assignments that you’ll have to tackle.

Cris Sgrott

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