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Organize Your Day

Organize Your Day

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Organize Your Day - Organizing Maniacs - Virginia, Maryland, DCWe are pretty organized here at Organizing Maniacs, but we also understand how hard it is to manage all of the pieces of the puzzle we are responsible for on a daily basis.

The one thing I have organized, which has a significant impact on my life is my planner. I have always used one, and a highly recommend it. I personally belief it is the secret to being organized. A few years ago, I gave up my paper calendar. It was really hard to adjust, and on occasion I still miss my Franklin Covey. However, today I use a combination of software in my computer and Apps on my smart phone to keep me on task.

I use Outlook on my computer, which communicates with Google Calendar and then syncs to my smart phone. They all communicate with each other, so it is not important where the information is entered. It all gets synchronized automatically. That makes a huge difference! I also love Toodledo! I appreciate that it also communicates with Outlook. It makes it convenient and easy to enter all of my tasks while sitting at my computer.

Technology has made managing my life easier. If you’re looking for great apps to help you organize your life, Fast Company put together a great one here.

What is one thing you have organized that has a significant impact on your daily life?

Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott

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