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Organize Your Garage

Organize Your Garage

garageDepending on where you live, winter is coming, and being able to park your car in the garage is going to be a priority if you don’t want to scrape ice off the windshielf every morning before work. While National Clean Out Your Garage Day was the Sunday after Labor Day, it’s not too late to clear some space to get your garage ready for holding a car.

Maniac Tips for Garage Organizing:

Don’t Go for Perfection

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if your garage has become a storage unit attached to your house. Don’t think about how much stuf there is, or look at the garage like you have to get it in perfect order. Simply decide where the car will fit best, and focus on working to clear that space.

Baby Step

Start with one thing – one box, one shelf, one space in the garage. Sort through one pile (keep, store, donate, sell, trash).

Sort Logically

Sort items in your garage by function. We suggest sorting by:

  • Paint and home project supplies
  • Lawn maintenance and gardening supplies
  • Car care items
  • Hobby/craft supplies
  • Holiday storage
  • Bikes and sport equipment

Assess Storage Needs 

Once you’ve sorted through everything, assess your needs. You may need to make trips to the dump as well as to Salvation Army or Goodwill to clear the space of items you donate or throw out. Determine if what you have left will fit on existing shelf space and in existing storage bins. Buy a few stackable storage bins for the items you need to get out of your way (even if you’ll need to sort through them again later when you’re ready to deal with it).

Don’t Forget to Go High

When it comes to garages, no space is off limits. Take advantage of ceiling hooks for bikes, tall shelves, and overhead storage options.

Remember Your Goal

Remember, your goal with this project is not to perfect your garage but to make space for your car before the bad weather comes. Don’t be distracted by what might be a larger project – save it for another time, and simply clear the space you must have now.

Ask for Help

If it feels to overwhelming, ask for help. Enlist your family members or call the Maniacs. We love turning garage storage units into car protectors!


Cris Sgrott

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