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7 Kitchen Cabinets Designs for Better Organization

7 Kitchen Cabinets Designs for Better Organization

7 Ways To Design Kitchen Cabinets To Be More OrganizedGuest Contributor: Meridian Homes

I am excited to share a guest blog post from our friends at Meridian Homes in Bethesda, MD on how to design kitchen cabinets for better kitchen organization.

We have organized kitchens that were beautifully designed but were not planned for the items they actually needed to store!  Here are some great tips to have the perfectly remodeled and organized kitchen cabinets!

7 Kitchen Cabinets Designs for Better Organization

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s not only a place for cooking and eating; it’s a space for entertaining guests, gathering family and daily living. When planning for your kitchen renovation, or a kitchen in your new custom home, integrating organizational systems into the design is crucial. So where do you start?

  • Are you making plans to store the large entertaining platters?
  • Where will you organize everything in your new kitchen?
  • Make an organized list of what you will need to store

Kitchen cabinets are, of course, made for storage. But, how do you use the space inside the cabinets efficiently to keep yourself highly organized?  Make sure you take full inventory of all of the items you own that you will want to be organized and stored back in your kitchen.  Don’t forget your large platters!


Most kitchens have base cabinets with doors. Pull-outs inside can make it easy to organize what is way in the back – no more rooting around a disorganized cabinet trying to find a lid or other small item.

Drawers, Not Just Doors

Dishes, pots, pans and other large items can be organized inside deep drawers for maximum efficiency of space. Customized, adjustable dividers can keep everything organized, in place and tidy.

Lazy Susan

A corner cabinet can often be wasted space. You can’t really reach to the back corner, so only the front of the cabinet is utilized for storage. Installing a Lazy Susan will solve that problem. The rotating shelves make the entire cabinet functional and will keep small appliances or canned food items neatly organized.

Spice Cabinet Pull-Outs

All of those small bottles can become a cluttered and disorganized mess when they are on your kitchen counter or stuffed into a large cabinet. Plan for a special cabinet pull-out right next to your cook top in your kitchen design. All of your spices will be organized and right at your fingertips.

Flatware and Utensil Dividers

Ask for dividers within your drawers to keep your flatware and other utensils organized in place.

Trash and Recycling Center

A double-can trash and recycling center in a base cabinet that is right next to your sink is ideal. It will make separating your trash and recyclables simple and convenient.

Cleaning Supplies

A built-in, sliding caddy under your sink will keep your cleaning supplies organized and handy. Some are also portable, which would allow you to grab the entire caddy and take your cleaning supplies wherever you need them to keep your new kitchen spotless!

A professional homebuilder or kitchen designer can work with you to create your ideal kitchen. Share your goals and objectives from the start. Be clear that you want organizational systems as part of your kitchen design. Ask about the best and most creative ways to organize your space so that it is functional and clutter-free. Collaboration with experts is the surest path to loving your new kitchen!

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