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Clutter-Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

Clutter-Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

Read below for our favorite clutter-free Valentine’s Day gifts

Chocolate is the perfect clutter-free gift

Here are some ideas for Clutter-Free Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Ah, love.  What a beautiful thing.  Whether you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s with a sweetheart or Galentine’s with your best buds, make sure this February 14th is filled with love, not clutter.  Read below for our favorite Clutter-Free Valentine’s Day Gifts.


The Gift of Time

  • Give the gift of doing any activity you enjoy doing together.  In today’s busy world, this will count for a lot more than you might know.
  • Clean the house for your spouse!  Not only does it rhyme, it will save them a ton of time in chores and certainly make them appreciate the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into your gift.
  • Rewatch an old favorite movie together or splurge and go out to see a new one, popcorn and all!
  • Wash and vacuum their car
  • Volunteer to take the kids to all the weekend activities next weekend
  • Gift them a gift certificate for organizing services


The Experiential Gift

  • Plan a mini weekend getaway to somewhere your partner or friend has been wanting to go
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Go for a wintery hike at their favorite getaway spot
  • Host a dinner for your loved one with all their favorite people in attendance
  • Have a family board game night and order in food so no one has to cook or do dishes
  • Make the first deposit into a summer vacation savings account and plan which activities you’d like to do there


The Gift of Food

  • Chocolate
  • … should there be more on this list??

Cris Sgrott

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  • Joyce

    February 16, 2016at2:19 pm Reply

    I agree! After the holidays and January birthdays, my kids do not need any more gifts for Valentine’s Day that will just sit around. I usually get them things like bath beads,body wash, a magazine, or functional things that they can use to organize their rooms, such as decorative baskets or cute hooks for hanging things.

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