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Tech Tuesday – My Move App

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Tech Tuesday – My Move App

My MoveMy Move App

App Description:  According to the developer My Move is “a complete move planner for your upcoming relocation.”

Price:  Free

Platforms: Android, iPhone

I recently moved and thought it would be a great time to test out My Move.

I found it to be a helpful reminder of the tasks associated with moving.  Since the world decided not to pause and let me move in a peaceful time vacuum, it was helpful to have a list that I could reference and check off tasks as I went.  I found it less overwhelming to start from their list and add my own family-specific tasks than to try to remember everything I needed to do all on my own.  I liked that I could check them off and also that the list was divided into a weekly timeline leading up to the move.



4 stars



Happy Moving!




Cris Sgrott

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