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Virtual Organizing

Have you considered Virtual Organizing?

Organizing Maniacs

Virtual Organizing goes well with Social Distancing.

You’ll work virtually with an experienced organizer through Video Chat, FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp.  Dedicate just 1-2 hours with one of our Organizing Maniacs Organizers and you’ll be much more productive compared to trying to get things done alone (with all of your family at home).

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Virtual Organizing

Think of one or more projects you'd like to finish

Work virtually with an experienced professional organizer in 50-80 minute sessions

You do the hands-on work while your Organizer walks you through each step

Includes office and business organizing, time management, productivity, business strategy and more!

Cost-effective and ideal for ALL clients

10% off when you schedule 3 sessions!

More Virtual Organizing Options

Got Paper Clutter?

We'll de-clutter it. Gather your papers, put 'em in a box, and let one of our Organizing Maniacs organizers pick up, organize and return your papers for easy access and ease of use!

ADHD Accountability?

Are you working from home and having a hard time staying focused, setting up a system, developing a routine? We can help you!

How is your business doing?

Do you need a new strategy paired with some accountability? Don't waste another minute thinking about it.

Photo Organizing?

We'll sort and organize your photos for you.

Want to pick our brain?

Send us a few photos or video of your project and we'll help you strategize.

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