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Meaningful Memorabilia

What to do with all of our memorabilia?

Were you given family photos and you are overwhelmed?

When was the last time you printed some photos?

Are your family’s photos safe?

Meaningful Memorabilia Program

Our Meaningful Memorabilia program helps you:

  • Learn How to Honor Your Family Memories and Memorabilia
  • Clear the Clutter Around Your Home
  • Manage Your Family Memorabilia in Less Time

In this 4 part class we will help you answer some of these questions, and start honoring your family memorabilia.

Our Meaningful Memorabilia Program includes:


Interview with Hazel Thornton of Organized for Life
Being the Legacy Holder of our family memorabilia can be very stressful. In my interview with Hazel Thornton of Organized For Life we address some of the ways you can easily start making decisions about what to keep and what to let go! . Thornton is a genealogy researchers, and she brings that knowledge to our conversation.


Interview with Vanessa Orsini of Organizing Maniacs

What to do with all the stuff the kids bring home? Which items do you save? What do you throw away? What do you do with it? We explore lots of different creative ways to make some of it part of your decor! Vanessa is my Cris’ sister and a member of the Organizing Maniacs leadership team. She gave us all of her mom solutions, to managing memorabilia, and there were a lot of them!


Interview with Rachel Jenkins of ScrapMyPix
In this class Rachel also brought her best information on managing our photos. We covered best strategies to gather all of your photos. We also covered the best software to store your photos, we covered resources for back up. She showed us some of her favorite photo books, and where to order them from. It was so amazing! We explore lots of different creative ways to organize your photos!


Interview with Billy Michels of Shine Light Legacy

We explored how to create a legacy & tribute video of your loved ones. What would you ask if you had a chance? Best lesson learned… Don’t wait, do it now! We explore why you never want to wait to ask questions about your parents’, and grandparents’ history. Billy gave us his list of starter questions he uses to interview his clients, and we share it with you.


Vanessa and I spent 30 minutes together going over all of the lessons we learned from our speakers.
Here at Organizing Maniacs we learn something new everyday, and what a treat it is to actually learn from so much in a 4 week class.  There were quite a few lessons.
The biggest lesson was from Billy Michels, and that lesson was to not wait.


We compiled a complete list of all of our favorite products! That alone is extremely invaluable.  We asked everyone on our team what were some of their favorite tools, and we also added as we interviewed our experts.  We gathered all of the pros suggestions and favorite products and put it in a one document, which will be an invaluable resource as you accomplish this project.

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