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30 Day Organizing Challenge

30 Day Organizing Challenge

The 30 Day Organizing Challenge guides you through 4 weekly organizing projects.

You can even start today!

What to expect:


  • Useful strategies that can be implemented immediately to make visual progress
  • Step-by-step instructions to organize several different areas of your home
  • Exclusive access to a closed Facebook group – where you will be able to share your project accomplishments
  • Continued support to help you overcome obstacles and challenges throughout the process
  • Tips and hints that will make organizing fun and easy
  • Encouraging emails to hold you accountable and motivate you to succeed


Focus Area: Coat closet

We are going to start off small, with an area that may not seem very glamorous, but can be a cluttered eye sore.
This first week we are going to start off slow so you can see how the process will work.


Focus Area: Food Pantry

We eat all the time, meaning we grocery shop just as much. No matter how organized you are – your food pantry can always use some organizing and purging. If you don’t have a specific pantry for food, use this time to work on the area in your kitchen where you store food and spices.


Focus Area: Bathroom

Pick a bathroom in your house that has some clutter. Is it your master bath, guest bathroom, or maybe even your shared bathroom by the entry way? Bathrooms have plenty of organizing challenges to overcome, but can also be a fun place to express yourself and brighten up your home.


Focus Area: Closet

You can choose any closet in your home. We are going to focus on clothes, so you can do a children’s closet, a guest closet, or if you are feeling ambitious… your master closet! You could even chose a hall closet or a linen closet if you like.