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Cris is THE best!!!! I have had such a wonderful experience working with her and have learned invaluable information from her. She is one of a kind- the experience I have had is much more deeper and meaningful than just sorting through some files (even though we’ve done A LOT of that). I am going to be a lifer at Organizing Maniacs and am excited to have progressed to her “Accountability Program” to maintain growing professionally and personally. I will be posting pictures soon of what all we’ve done! Love ya, Cris!

Natalie S. – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I have worked a lot with Stephanie and LOVED working with her. I wanted to pass along that while my apartment is not 100% perfect (since she left) it is 95% and that is pretty amazing for me. She really changed my life and after 10 years living in this apartment made it feel like home for me. Not only was she patient and encouraging and not judgmental, but she helped me find homes for everything in my place…and then helped me by having someone else take the lead with the interior decorating. For the first time it really feels like home and I am proud to have people over.

Katie S. – Washington DC

Sure, there are times when we have to put things aside and focus on what is most pressing. However, the disorder in our living space, or mind space, or our body space eventually catches up with us. The life that we are each given is a precious gift, so why not try to make the most of it? It’s rewarding to start with whatever we have and to figure out how to do more with it. I have collected so many books that can explain to me how to do this or that.

However, the real results come from taking action. I am lucky that you are so good at what you do and that I found you at this important time in my life.

David K. – McLean, VA

I wanted to write to thank you for yesterday’s organizing session. All of our organizing sessions so far have produced visible results. There are also results that aren’t visible on the outside.

Those invisible results are the internal changes that are capable of breaking a pattern that has been responsible for creating the external reality. Internal focusing is a good example of that.

Filling my mind with too many tasks, goals, facts, contacts, or whatever can eventually lead to my having a chronic feeling of being overwhelmed. Using your suggested tools will help me to keep track of things.  I was glad to recognize and to embrace change because change means accepting that something that wasn’t important before is now more important or something that was important before is now not as important.

Katie S. – Reston, VA

I can not recommended Cris and her company enough! She was referred to me from a friend in Maryland (I’m in Vienna) after my husband died and I was completely overwhelmed with boxes of filing, insurance forms, and paperwork that had accumulated for the three years my husband was sick. She has come numerous times in four hour increments and has helped me sort, file, or shred records going back 20+ years. We work on one box or file drawer at a time and Cris is a master at pulling out the information I need to save and helping decide what needs to be shredded. 

Organizing Maniacs can help not just with paperwork but with garage/basement cleanout, items for donation, and recycling. The nice thing is that you aren’t forced into a system – Cris works with you to create a method to support ongoing organization in a style that feels most comfortable for you.

If I could have Cris move in, I would! She shows up promptly and can quickly assess my emotional state of the day (since I am still grieving) and is wonderful about taking over when I am overwhelmed. She is so easy to talk to and laugh with, and has been so tremendous in helping me get through a huge mess of paper that I kept shoving aside, either because I didn’t have the time to deal with it or else the odd papers that didn’t fit into my filing system.  The result is that I can probably eliminate two entire file cabinets, I have no hidden paper anywhere, and all my desk tops are clean. It’s a wonderful feeling and worth every penny!

  Melissa Z. – Vienna, VA

I just wanted to let you know how worthwhile your help has been! After you left last week, I was able to tackle the kitchen and bathroom areas in no time — I guess it was just the motivation of having the really ‘big stuff’ done. My parents stopped by before they left and helped me hang my artwork, etc. and now the place finally looks and feels like ‘home’. Your fresh pair of eyes helped me think of new ways to use things I already have. You were great at helping me tackle the project in the most efficient way possible while still allowing me time to sort through more personal things on my own.

It was also incredibly helpful for Organizing Maniacs to take care of donations, since I have a small space and limited time to make those kinds of trips.  I was prepared to spend a LOT more than I did, and every dollar I spent was worth the peace of mind I have now when I come home from work. Now that I feel like I am truly able to utilize my small but cozy space. Thanks again!

Claire S. – Washington, DC

Stephanie was awesome! My closet is completely organized now, and with her absolutely ingenious suggestions, I’ll get even more storage in my small space.  I was very excited to get so much accomplished.

Monique S. – Ashburn, VA

I appreciate everything you do.  The value and impact that you bring to the lives of the people you touch cannot solely be measured monetarily!  Bringing order to chaos is something very special and life changing.

You rock!

Nicki R. – Sterling, VA

Thank you so much for your help.  We are leaving in a few days and I believe could have not done it without your help.  If you can believe it the house sold for asking price in 10 days.  I am not sure if I told you the VA appraiser told me an organized and clean house sells quickly.  If the closets and baseboards are clean then the house must be maintained.  You were right about keeping stuff and trying to sell them, it was too much trouble for the small amount of money.

Thank you for helping us sort through all of our boxes and achieve the goal of eliminating 1 out of 3 boxes.  Thank you for helping us dispose of all of our unwanted items in an environmental way!

Nancy C. – Great Falls, VA

Thank you for the assessment of my memorabilia.  I am going through an old, old box right now — one I have not opened in probably 20 years — and inside is all the dollhouse furniture I used to play with (and that my Mom bought me for b-day and Hanukkah gifts).

I had forgotten so much of it and, yet, there are pieces that I remember so clearly playing with too!  It has brought these wonderful happy tears to my eyes and I can’t thank you enough for the most perfect ideas.  The dollhouse itself is a wreck — much worse shape than I remembered (worse shape than my real house even !!!).

As suggested, I am going to have the kids set up the furniture and then take a ton of pictures.  I feel really good about this … and about saying goodbye to the house itself.  Thanks so, so much Julie for suggesting it.  You are very good at what you do for all I needed was a plan and the support to do it.

Daisy M. – Vienna, VA

It was a delight working with you.  Every time I go downstairs I smile ear to ear.  Can’t thank you enough!  Study also! I hope you realize the importance of what you do and how many smiles you put on faces! 

Mary M. – Leesburg, VA

I hired Organizing Maniacs to assist me with moving from the house I’d lived in for almost 20 years. I was overwhelmed with even the thought of trying to figure out how to handle all of the logistics of moving. I contacted OM and I have to say it was the best idea I’ve had this entire year! I met with my organizer who went through planning for the move in detail with me. One of the attributes I most appreciated was the fact that they are able to take care of donations to food banks, recycling, and shelters, as well as having excellent recommendations for movers and for junk disposal. Having OM take care of organizing the packing and then unpacking my household goods has been a huge relief to me during a very stressful event. Organizing Maniacs’ knowledge and expertise is evident.

Terri C. Arlington, VA

The Organizing Maniacs team worked at my condo this morning and again, did a fantastic job! They are great to work with and one of the things I enjoy the most is that they are proactive with sorting and finding appropriate places for my things in my new home. They rarely ask me what I wish to do with something. They recalled my preference from the previous sessions and take them into account on their own. My condo has not been an easy place to unpack and organize and I am very thankful to have the support of such a great team.

Karen R. – Reston, VA

Everyone was so helpful and my life is so much better since the Organizing Maniacs team helped me get rid of so much stuff, and then helped with packing for my move. Everything arrived safe and sound — no damages except for a glass plate I dropped after unpacking. (Not valuable or that important). I have often recommended you to people, and thank you for helping me so much. Hiring Organizing Maniacs was money well spent.

Lynn Z. – Alexandria, VA