Patricia Howell

Patricia Howell

Patricia joined Organizing Maniacs® in 2014.


It was a “heads” California, “tails” Virginia choice when Patti flipped a coin 20 years ago; “tails” won and she has never looked back. Patti and her husband packed up their three young boys and their Chevy Astro van and spent 10 days driving cross-country. She remembers crying for most of the trip, partly due to leaving family and friends and fearful of a new challenge and equally stressed about driving 2600 miles with three active youngsters in tow!


While her boys were in school, Patti could be found volunteering in the classroom, organizing PTA events, or shuffling the kids from one sporting event to another. Just as the “empty nest” stage of life was on the horizon, the family bought Gizmo, a black and white shih tzu, to keep life exciting. Staying active also continues to be a big part of Patti’s life and she can often be found doing yard work, walking Gizmo, bike riding, going to the gym, or jogging.


Patti holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and her Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology but credits a girlfriend for her most sage advice when her first son was born – make daily To-Do lists. No matter how trivial, I was to record every little thing that I wanted to accomplish that day. From Take a Shower and Brush Teeth to Do Laundry and Make Dinner, it went on the list. It was such a great feeling to know, to see, that she had accomplished something during the day when so often she felt that the days went by just a little too quickly to get things done! Patti takes that same approach to helping her clients, encouraging and supporting them in breaking down their organizing goals into smaller, manageable parts.


Patti is a Professional Organizer who enjoys helping people achieve their goals and is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses become organized, productive, and successful. She specializes in helping clients with Chronic Disorganization, families, and all clients with downsizing needs. Patti’s work doesn’t end when she leaves a client’s home – she is dedicated to Organizing Maniac’s commitment to social organizing and social recycling.


Patti is a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO-National) and has attended all of NAPO-WDC – MARCPO conferences since she started organizing in 2014.


She is a member of CHADD.


She looks forward to earning her Certified Professional Organizer – CPO® designation from the Board of Certified Professional Organizers in the near future.