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4 Easy Ways to Organize Your Yard

organize your yard

4 Easy Ways to Organize Your Yard

organize your yardSummer is here. Everything turns green and we celebrate because the weather is warm. And then everything – including the weeds and the grass and the shrubs start growing. Suddenly, our pristine yards look like they’re ready for to be on the set of a jungle movie. Here are 4 easy ways to organize your yard so that you can spend more time enjoying your summer.

Take a Tour of the Yard

To organize your yard efficiently and effectively, you should first take a survey of the space. Pick up trash and dog droppings as you go. Make notes about what may need to be taken care of this summer. You may have damage to your fence, a bush that needs to be pruned, or a dead tree that threatens your roof. Even if you can’t or don’t have time or money to handle it all now, at least you’re know it needs done.

Pull Weeds

It’s so easy to procrastinate this task, but there is nothing that helps to organize your yard like getting rid of weeds. Doing it early keeps the weeds from taking over. Once the weeds are pulled, you can help give your yard a polished look by ordering some mulch and adding a layer to your flower gardens and around your trees.

Mow and Edge to Organize Your Yard

Mowing and edging a yard can make even an overgrown space look more organized. To organize your yard, set aside time every week or two to mow and edge your yard. This will also ensure that you walk your space regularly to discover any areas that need repaired.

Power Wash and Regularly Sweep Decks and Patios

Now that most of the trees have finished dropping their pollen, it’s a good time to power wash your decks and patios to keep it from tracking into your home and aggravating your allergies. On a regular basis, sweep off your decks and patios to keep your yard organized and your space clear of pollen, dust, and little creatures who like to make homes in untouched spaces.

Organize Your Yard Tools and Toys

Whether you have a designated space in the garage or a back yard shed, one of the best ways to organize your yard is to organize your yard tools and toys. Keeping everything picked up and put away is not just good for aesthetics – it’s important for safety too.

Organize your yard on a regular basis to keep summer chores from getting out of control.

Cris Sgrott

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