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Organize Your Spring Planting

spring planting

Organize Your Spring Planting

spring plantingIt is time to organize your spring planting. Yes, there may still be snow on the ground where you are, but it is the perfect time to start planning your garden and starting early seedlings. Both flower gardens and vegetable gardens can require some prep before spring planting.

Organize Your Shed and Garden Tools

Before you get knee-deep in planting, it’s a good idea to organize your shed or garage space and make sure your tools – hoes, shovels, rakes, trowels, and the like – are in good working order. Pick up anything you need at your local home and garden store – including fertilizer, soil, planting pots, and other items you may need.

Plant Seedlings Indoors

Using empty egg shell cartons, mini planters, or other containers. Use a little soil mixed with compost, and put the containers somewhere where they will get plenty of sunlight. For an in-depth guide on starting seedlings indoors, check out this guide on SeedSavers.

Prepare the Garden Beds for Spring Planting

Rake out the garden and remove debris and organic material (which can be added to your compost). Prune bushes and shrubs. If the ground is not frozen, begin loosening up the soil.

Add Soil and Compost to the Flower Beds

While you may need to check the pH levels of your soil, you’ll want a good 12-15 inches of loose soil to work with between what you loosen and what you add to it. If the soil in your area is very poor, you may want to consider raised beds where you can add enough soil to give your seeds a good chance of sprouting.

Spring Planting Timelines

When you move seedlings outside and plant seeds outdoors will depend on your region. You’ll need to follow the seed packet guidelines for when to plant. For most people along the East coast, plants like tomato can’t be planted until after Memorial Day, while other, hardier plants can survive a late frost.

Organizing Your Spring Gardens

There are a variety of ways to plan both flower and vegetable gardens. For example, a flower garden can be arranged for aesthetics by placing the tallest plants in the center of a circular plot. Tall plants can go at the back of a garden that is against the house. You may need to take some time to plan what you want to plant. Make a list of the flowers and vegetables you want to include. You can even draw the garden so you can sketch out your ideas..

It’s not hard to organize your spring planting but it does take some prep and time.

Cris Sgrott

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