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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Clutter-Free Gifts

clutter-free gifts for Valentines Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Clutter-Free Gifts

clutter-free gifts for Valentines DayDo you struggle to find ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending an enormous amount of money or adding clutter to your home and life? We have some wonderful ideas for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with clutter-free gifts.

Clutter-Free Gifts Can Be Romantic

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to demonstrate how much you care for someone. In fact, the most treasured gifts are ones that come from the heart and show you know the person well.

At-Home Romantic Date

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home together with a romantic dinner and move. Have steaks and shrimp cocktail or cedar plank salmon and grilled asparagus. Order the kids a pizza and send them to bed early (or, depending on their ages, give them a night of video games and fun). Cook together, light a candle, and enjoy special experience.

Do Chores for Each Other

You each have things you don’t enjoy doing, whether it’s dusting or getting the oil changed in the car. Take a burden away from the one you love by doing a simple chore that they don’t enjoy. This is a clutter-free gift that will make them smile.

Write a Love Letter or Poem

Have a way with words? Write a special letter or love poem to your special someone. Putting your love and emotion on paper can be an intimate and loving way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a clutter-free, cost-free way.

Disconnect Together

Turn off the phones and spend 24 hours together without social media, emails, and other intrusions. Hold hands, watch a favorite show or movie, go for a walk. Spending focused time with each other can be one of the most romantic gifts you can give in this distracted world.

Get Dinner Out, with a Spin

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy meal in an upscale restaurant, grab cheeseburgers from your favorite local fast food restaurant. Eat in your car together listening to music, or take them home and eat them by candlelight. (This can work with tacos, too)!

Play a Couples Game

There are a number of romantic games available online or on apps that you can play to get to know each other better or  learn new things about each other. Activities like these strengthen your relationship without requiring you to spend a lot of money.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let budget or pressure to stand in the way of celebrating Valentine’s Day with clutter-free gifts and budget-friendly ideas.

What suggestions would you add to this list of clutter-free gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Cris Sgrott

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