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Stuck at Home Again? Organize This!

Stuck at Home Again? Organize This!

There are a lot of people working from home, either still or again. If you’re stuck at home, organize everything. Ok, maybe not everything – but you can definitely take advantage of the hours you would normally be commuting and going out to lunch to do things that make life easier for you in the long term. If you’ve been home for a while, you may have already tackled the low-hanging fruit like your junk drawer or your kids’ playroom. Now, if you’re stuck at home again, organize things that take a little more patience and challenge. Consider these ideas.

Stuck at Home Again? Organize Your Digital Photos

How many of you cringe at the idea of organizing digital photos because there are just so many of them? There are a couple of ways, though, to help you work through this. When you’re organizing digital photos the biggest goal is simply to make sure you can find the photos you want to see. So organizing them into folders by date or event or both can help manage the chaos. To effectively manage digital photos, you also need either a cloud backup or a physical hard drive backup so that you don’t lose them, although a cloud backup like Flickr, Google Photos, or Amazon Photos (free for Prime members) work well.

Organize Your Nightstand Drawers

This is a good one: when you’re stuck at home, organize your nightstand drawers. No one ever really talks about these drawers, but they often become as much of a catch-all for everything from makeup that got left out to spare hair ties to leftover candy from the holidays. How long has it been since you went through your nightstand drawers? What would be handy to have near your bed?

Organize the Hall Closet

These closets end up being for so much more than just coats. In fact, you might be surprised what you find lurking in this closet, from flashlights to fishing poles. Start by taking everything out and sorting through it. Some things may belong somewhere else, some things may need thrown out or donated. Assess the closet space itself: Does it need more shelves? Does it need cleaned thoroughly before you return items to the space? It is very satisfying to have a space for winter coats and boots that isn’t just a cluttered, muddy mess.

If you’re stuck at home again, organize these spaces that often go overlooked. And if you need help, get in touch.

Cris Sgrott

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