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Winter Organizing

winter organizing

Winter Organizing

winter organizingIt happens every year – winter comes before we’re ready and before we know it, we have boots and gloves and coats and melting snow in our entry ways – and no great winter organizing solutions. This year may be no different depending on where you live and how much of the snowstorm you’re getting. But these tips can be implemented quickly to help you improve your winter organizing.

Winter Organizing: Storing Boots and Coats

One of the most difficult things to store is the pile of boots and coats, hats and gloves, that come with winter. You can’t just let your kids take the wet, muddy mess to their rooms. Unfortunately, not everyone has a mud room. You can turn almost any entryway or front porch into a winter storage area by installing hooks for hanging coats (where they can dry), adding shoe storage or a low shelf to sit boots on, and having a towel or absorbent rug (yes, even a bathroom rug works here) to catch drips and protect the floor. If  you don’t have room in your entryway, you can set up a snow boot holder just outside your front door.

Shovels, Sleds, and Skis

Depending on where you live, your snow shovel may rest near your front door for most of the season. But if you only have occasional winter snow to shovel, winter organizing might include a little rotating of storage in the garage. Bikes and sports gear may need to move up out of the way so that you have quick and easy access to shovels, skis, and sleds. Hanging as many of these items as possible keeps them from taking up unnecessary space or getting in the way of your cars.

Winter Organizing in the Kitchen

There’s nothing more welcoming after being out in the cold, whether you’re shoveling or making snow angels, than a cup of hot chocolate. So make sure you have hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, and mugs at the ready. Peppermint stirring sticks and whipped cream are nice bonuses for special occasions. While you’re thinking about the kitchen, be sure to stock up on some granola bars, soups, and other items you can consume if there is a power outage. It’s a good time to make sure you have candles, matches, and flashlights with batteries, too.

Winter organizing can help keep the mess of the season at bay.

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