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Getting Organized Doesn’t Mean the House Is Always Clean

getting organized

Getting Organized Doesn’t Mean the House Is Always Clean

getting organizedGetting organized doesn’t mean time freezes. It doesn’t mean that because everything has its place you won’t still have clutter.

The dust comes back.

The floors will still need swept.

The carpet will still need vacuumed.

The dishes will still get dirty.

And the laundry – oh my goodness there’s never an end to the laundry.

Why, you might ask, should you bother organizing at all?

Being Organized versus Daily Living

Even the most organized people still have to work through piles of laundry and can’t keep up with the dusting. It’s important to separate out the daily chores of just living in a space and being organized with that space. Being organized allows you to have places for the things you own, and it also helps you prioritize what things are important. It frees your space and your mind of the clutter that causes stress. Unfortunately, no amount of organizing will take away the pile of laundry – but if you have clean and organized drawers and a clean and organized closet, you’ll have a place to put it all (instead of piling it on your bed or chair).

Getting Organized Lets You Focus

When you’re organized, the daily chores aren’t so overwhelming. It’s easier to keep your furniture dust free when it’s not piled with mail, kids toys, and items that belong in other rooms. It’s easier to keep up on laundry when you have everything already in the hamper every morning. And it’s easier to sit and relax at night when you have peaceful spaces around you that don’t remind you of things you “should” be doing. Being organized is mostly about attaining peace for yourself.

Organization Is Different for Everyone

You might think that organization means clean shelves, clear tables, or no evidence of life being lived. But organization is a highly personal thing. For some people, it’s  overcoming specific obstacles. But for others, it’s learning to understand what approach works for them. Still for others, it’s accepting that the image they had in their head about what organization should be and what it feels like when it’s right for them are two different things. In other words, organization should complement your lifestyle, not hinder it.

No matter what you need, the Organizing Maniacs are here to help you.

Cris Sgrott

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