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Invest in the Shed

invest in the shed

Invest in the Shed

invest in the shedPart of being organized is having the places to store the stuff you do need – like a shed. Yes, minimizing clutter can help, but living in a home and being a homeowner requires you to own certain tools and equipment. If you struggle to safely store your lawn mower or the kids bikes, a storage shed might be a good idea. It’s a bigger spend, but it’s really no different than buying the clear plastic tubs that you use in your closet to store your shoes or the bins in the attic where you’ve carefully storyed your holiday ornaments.

Investing vs Buying Haphazardly

We are all for saving money and cutting back wherever possible, but investing in a storage shed or other storage items that help reduce your stress, protect the investment you’ve made in your equipment, and maybe make it easier for you to park your car (a very expensive investment) in the garage is often worth it. Whether you choose a plastic storage shed you can assemble yourself or an Amish-built wooden structure you could probably live in, sheds can make being organized easier.

Owning a Shed Doesn’t Mean Buying More Stuff

Just because you have the space to store stuff doesn’t mean you need to fill it up. It’s there for what you already own, to keep it safe and organized. It may also keep your kids safe by having a place to lock these tools away. And it gives you more room in the garage for your kids’ bikes and sports equipment.

We often adopt a black and white mindset in which we start to think that all purchasing is bad and all minimalism is good, but for most of us, it’s a constant balancing act. What we try to do when we help homeowners is to find the stress that is causing the most friction and work from there. That’s often a garage too filled with stuff to fit the car, which means as winter comes, having to scrape icy windshields. Friction. Sometimes investments – like investing in a shed – just make sense.


Cris Sgrott

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