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Creating Space

creating space

Creating Space

creating spaceCreating space in your home is almost a must these days. Most students across the country, both K-12 and college, are studying at least part time from home. Many parents are still working from home. Everyone is on Zoom. Everyone needs a quiet place where they can hear and study and work. So how do you carve out the space in your house to accommodate everyone?

Identify Potential Locations for Creating Space

Depending on the size of your home, some rooms may have to pull double-duty. The dining room table may have to serve as classroom to younger kids during the day before the family dinner. Bedrooms may have to double as quiet Zoom conference spaces. The garage may end up being the perfect place for a home office. And since it’s not likely you’ll be having a lot of guests come to visit, that spare room might make a great office space, too.

Equip Your Spaces Properly

Ergonomic seating, comfortable desks, good headphones, and green screens can all help make the spaces more functional. If you have to share work spaces, headphones can be especially helpful for eliminating distractions and staying focused on your work. If you only have a couple of rooms that work well for Zoom calls, take a page from corporate and set up a schedule that your family can use to book the room .


Not only is communication with the people you share space with important, but so is communication with your bosses, teachers, and others who have expectations of you. Be respectful, but be ok expecting accommodations for your circumstances, household arrangement, and demands. Working from home full time while also supporting distance learning kids can be tough.

Creating space in your home is easier when you’re organized. If you’re having a tough time finding the space you need to thrive in your environment, we’d love to help you gain a fresh perspective on how to make it all work. Give us a call!

Cris Sgrott

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