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Don’t Be Frightened of Organizing

frightened of organizing

Don’t Be Frightened of Organizing

It’s the time of year where we start thinking about ghouls and goblins, witches and vampires. But what if what scares you isn’t something that goes bump in the night? What if it’s the pile of papers on your dining room table? Or your junk drawer? Or the pile of laundry you sort through to get dressed every morning? Don’t be frightened of organizing! You can tame these particular monsters with a little help. It starts by understanding what causes you to be frightened of organizing.

What Contributes to Organizing Fear?

There are a number of reasons people are frightened of organizing. Some are afraid of the time it will take. Some are afraid of the embarrassment they’ll feel if they ask for help, while some are scared of change. Others are scared that getting organized will keep them from finding their stuff. These are all valid fears! What’s great about getting organized is that you can do it in your own way, in your own time. You can use a system that works for you. Some of the fears we face when organizing are deep-seated and debilitating.

Fear of Losing the Memories

We often hold on to items we don’t want but keep. Because of the memories and emotions attached to the items  – or to the people who gave them to you, it can be difficult to separate your emotional attachment to the object. Often, what can help is having a way to preserve that memory that takes up less space. For example, say you have granny’s teacup and saucer from England. You really have no space to keep it. Take a picture of them, or a picture of you holding them. Then, put the photo in a journal page. Then, write down some of your favorite memories of your granny. The result is that you don’t keep an object that you resent having to dust every week while still cherishing the memory of the object and the person who made it special.

Fear of Change

Everyone gets comfortable in their routines and habits. That’s what makes them so tough to change. But you can challenge your fear of change. Picture what life might feel like after the change. For example, if you keep your clothes piled in a chair instead of in the closet,  you might think it’s fast and convenient for you to just grab clothes every day. But how often are you having to sort through everything to find what you need. How many times have you had to iron something because it wasn’t hung up? How often are you wearing the same things because they’re there? Simply focus on that one organization step: putting your clothes away, neatly folded in drawers and hung up. Your daily routine may actually improved by being able to see all of your wardrobe options and having clean, pressed clothes at the ready.

Finding the Time to Organize

One of the biggest fears comes in the form of, “How do I even find the time to make it happen?”

But you can’t go from disorganized to organized overnight. It’s a process. Multiple projects. Prioritizing areas that cause you the most stress. Taking 10 minutes in the morning to make your bed and do breakfast dishes rather than leaving them. It’s incremental.

Don’t be frightened of organizing. If you’re afraid to go it alone, get in touch with our team. We’re happy to help (and we’ll work at your pace and comfort level).

Cris Sgrott

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