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Are You Suffering from Closet Guilt?

closet guilt

Are You Suffering from Closet Guilt?

Do you dread the morning routine of opening your closet and trying to find something to wear? Do you have days where more clothing gets thrown on the floor and on the bed as you search for something to wear?

Feel guilty every time you open your closet? You may be suffering from closet guilt.

Closet Guilt Is Real

For many of us, closet guilt is real. You can fall in love with your closet again. You just have to decide that it’s worth facing what your closet has become. For some of us, opening the closet can be a source of guilt. If you’ve spent money on clothes you’ve never worn, shoes that hurt your feet so they stay in the box, or dress up clothes you thought you’d need but now can’t even, you’re not alone. But guilt can be paralyzing. The problem is, guilt makes you hold on to stuff you should get rid of – like grandma’s tea cups that collect dust on your shelves but never use. It’s time to let go – of both the closet guilt and the stuff you’re keeping because of it.

How to Overcome Closet Guilt

It can be really difficult to overcome the guilt you may feel at wasting money on clothing or outfits you’re unable to wear. What you need is a mindset change. First, the money is spent. Now while you may still have items in your closet with tags, it’s probably long past the time you can return them. It’s ok to forgive yourself for former shopping habits. Second, those clothes will help someone in need. Whether you donate them to Goodwill or find a local shelter or donate them, you can help someone else by letting go. Donate to Dress for Success (an organization that helps women with professional clothing to wear for interviews). Let go of your guilt and the clothes you are not going to wear.  Finally, think about the cost to you. This includes both emotionally and in the time you waste sorting through everything to find something you will wear. Removing the stuff that takes up room leaves you free to select clothing you love to be in.

Create a Closet You Will Love

Rid yourself of the closet guilt! Start stripping away everything that reminds you of bad purchasing decisions, weight changes, and clutter stress. You will begin to see your closet as a more friendly and welcoming space, where you can go to quickly find an appropriate outfit for whatever the occasion. Remember our guidelines for organizing your closet:

  • Remove everything from the closet
  • Take away anything that doesn’t belong in or should not be stored in your closet
  • Sort items into three sections: throw away, donate, and keep

Don’t let closet guilt get you down! You can have a closet you love by making some very simple changes to both your mindset and the contents of your closet.

Cris Sgrott

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