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Organized Unpacking After a Move

organized unpacking

Organized Unpacking After a Move

organized unpackingWe have talked often about ways you can be organized as you pack and prepare to move, but what happens when you arrive at the new house? This is your opportunity to unpack in a way that you start with more organization. Several years ago, Cris shared her favorite tips with Angie’s List. Here are our favorite tips:

Immediately Move the Boxes to the Room They Belong To

If you’ve used any kind of labeling system so that you know what’s in the boxes, you can immediate get them sorted so that you don’t have so much overwhelm in one space. You can prioritize what to unpack based on the room – for example, bed sheets are critical, but our 40 pairs of shoes can wait a day or two.

Focus on One Room at a Time

For most people, the most important room to get “back to normal” is the kitchen. Whichever room you choose to start with, get it done. It will give you so much motivation to see your home begin to come together. But as you unpack, really see the space you have. Envision where you want everything to be. Be strategic about unpacking – don’t just be in a rush and stuff things in cupboards.

Make Organized Unpacking Fun!

Moving is hard enough without it turning into a dull chore. Crank up the music. Enlist the help of family and friends. Dance your way through each box. Playing music and having a good time while you unpack will help minimize the stress.

Take Breaks

Unless you only have a few boxes or you’re moving in to a dorm room, unpacking is a big undertaking. To preserve your health and sanity, don’t try to get it all done in a day or two. Take breaks when you need them. Cris says, “Some people unpack quickly, but other people it can take them six months to completely unpack,” she says. “If you completely finish one room, when you get frustrated with unpacking another room, you can go back to the finished room and it can be a peaceful place.”

Cris’s Favorite Organized Unpacking Tip

What’s Cris’s favorite organized unpacking tip? She told Angie’s List, Reward yourself!

“If I tell myself I’m going to unpack 10 boxes today, after I get done with those 10 boxes, I’ll reward myself with time outside or ice cream,” she says. “Make the reward whatever makes the person happy. Reward is the best way to motivate people.”

Moving is exhausting, but at the end of the day, you have a new home to decorate and enjoy. And if you need help organizing, give us a call.

Cris Sgrott

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