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Summer Organizing Roundup

summer organizing roundup

Summer Organizing Roundup

It’s summer, the states are slowly reopening, and we’re going to be able to do things like go shopping. After such a dry spell, it’s going to be a lot of fun – but it could lead to some spontaneous purchasing. Remember not to buy what you don’t need or won’t use – spend your time instead getting organized with our summer organizing roundup – ideas you can use now to be less stressed and more organized.


By now, most of our kids are wrapping up the school year, so that will be one less stress to deal with, but in its place will be the “I’m boreds.” These summer organizing ideas can help you keep the boredom at bay.

  • Give your kids age appropriate chores that must be completed each day and week in order to have time to play video games and watch TV
  • Enlist your kids’ help with bigger projects like cleaning out the pantry. Let them help you take everything out and check expiration dates. Older kids may even have fun helping to develop an organization system for the space.
  • Use containers and storage bins and label everything
  • Don’t let the kids’ brains go to complete mush over the summer – encourage them to take a free online class. There are a variety of online STEM camps that can help your kids expand their minds this summer.
  • Recognize that your kids are dealing with a lot of stress and unknowns, too

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This is the first step to any organizing project, so it should come as no surprise. Before you can consider rearranging your work space, you must purge your desk of anything that isn’t necessary. File old paperwork, trash or shred what you don’t need anymore, and give yourself a clean slate. Even your desktop needs to be rid of unnecessary tabs and digital files. A clean desk is the secret to a productive work day, so get any clutter out of the way.

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Summer chores aren’t as exhausting as they sound, and it’s an important part of keeping your yard organized. It keeps your outdoor space from being cluttered and creates an open area for children to play or adults to relax.


At the end of each summer day, there should be a list of chores that need done. Are rooms tidy and toys put away? Are bikes out of the yard and in the shed? Just be careful not to make it last minute when you’re trying to get everyone to bed, too. When the kids are home for the summer, it can add a new level of chaos, but these 5 organizing tips can help you survive the summer.

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