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Organizing Before a Move

organizing for a move

Organizing Before a Move

organizing for a moveAs the country begins to reopen, people who have been waiting for a safe time to make major life changes – jobs, living situation, or moving – may suddenly feel pressured to make those changes. There are a lot of things you can do to start organizing for a move. Whether you’re moving for your company, a fresh start, or something that was planned long before the pandemic and civil unrest necessarily shifted everything. Now that states are reopening and we can resume plans, these tips for organizing before a move may help.

Start with a Declutter

Packing is exhausting, and the more stuff you take, the more it will cost you, whether you’re hiring a moving company or doing it yourself. So the first step in organizing before a move is to declutter. This isn’t the simple weekly declutter you do in the home you’re staying in, but a more in-depth declutter with a focus on: 1, do you want to have to load this on a moving truck and unload it again? and 2, will it cost more to use up the space on the truck than to rebuy it?

While this will include obvious things like spices that expired two years ago, it might also include things like your dining room table, which can take a of space on a moving truck. Also think about things like glassware and dishes, utensils you never use, and of course, clothing – especially the stuff you’ve been hanging on to just in case.

Pack What You Don’t Need

There are things you need to keep but don’t need to use now, like winter clothing. Pack the items you know you’ll need once you move but won’t need until then. In addition to winter clothing, this may include some of your kitchen and household items. Once you know you are moving, if you are doing the packing yourself you can start packing. Waiting until the last minute is extremely stressful – more stressful than living without a few conveniences that you know you will want in the new home. The last things to pack are the things you use every day – electronic devices, bathroom items like your toothbrush, and medications.

Label Boxes

Whether you’re moving yourself or just packing for the movers, it’s a good idea to label every boxy with what’s in it, what room it needs to go in when it is unloaded into the new home. Be sure to label the boxes you’ll need first – ones that have toilet paper, important paperwork, etc. – so that you can quickly and easily find them. Load them last on the moving truck so that they are the first boxes you unload.

You may only be contemplating a move and not actually going anywhere for 6-8 months. That’s ok. Starting now will keep the move from becoming too stressful. If you are really early in the process, you have time to sort, sell, donate, and throw out more stuff that you really won’t need or use.


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