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4 Secrets of the Well-Organized

secrets of well-organized people

4 Secrets of the Well-Organized

well organizedDo you ever wonder how people manage to be so organized? Whether it’s that one college student who can manage their schedule and homework with ease or the neighbor whose kitchen always seems immaculate or the colleague at work who seems to have everything at their fingertips, the well-organized people of the world leave the rest of us wondering how they do it. Here are some of the things we teach – and have learned from well-organized people.

Develop the Right Habits

They say it takes 21 days of doing something for it to become a habit, so commit to making one change that will make a difference in how organized your home or life is and stick with it. For some, that may mean doing the dishes every night right after dinner and running the dishwasher so that you start the next day with a clean kitchen. For others, it may mean making the bed every morning right after you get up so that you’re more motivated to keep your room clean. And, for many of us, it means actually folding the laundry and not letting it pile up.

Make Lists to Be Well-Organized

The most well-organized people use lists, calendars, and planners. It’s not that they have better memories than the rest of us; it’s that they don’t rely on their memories to keep everything sorted. They make lists of things they need to do, keep a running grocery list, add appointments and reminders to a planner or calendar app, and let technology help keep track of their lives.

5 Minutes a Day

For many people, even thinking about organizing can be extremely overwhelming, and that’s OK. We all start from somewhere. Whether you’re new to organizing or already working toward better habits, everyone can take five minutes to walk through their homes. Gather up a basket full of clutter or misplaced items and return them to their rightful locations. You can do the same at work – at the end of the day, throw away, shred, and file anything that’s cluttering your desk so that you can start with a fresh space the next day.

Don’t Aim for Perfection

This may be the most important tip of all: don’t make perfection your goal. The most well-organized people are happy with good enough. If you’re stressing yourself out overachieving some kind of perfection with organization, it defeats the purpose of being more organized (something that is supposed to help you feel less stressed). Aim for better than yesterday, not completely perfect.

We’re grateful that professional organizers have been allowed to get back to work. We’re here to help, practicing extreme safety, and ready to work with you. Get in touch.

Cris Sgrott

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