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Tidy Tips for the Bedroom

tidy tips for the bedroom

Tidy Tips for the Bedroom

tidy tips for the bedroomThe longer we’re at home, the easier it is to see how quickly things get cluttered. If you have kids, it’s an ongoing battle, but they’re not the only ones who struggle. These tidy tips for the bedroom can help you keep the clutter and mess to a minimum.

Start with a Deep Clean

We find that it’s easier to keep a room clean once it’s been deep cleaned and organized. This is often easier said than done, but you can start with these deep-cleaning steps.

Clean off any flat spaces.

Dressers, night-tables, and shelves should be emptied entirely, wiped clean and only the necessary items should be placed on them. Limit the number of photos and knickknacks to keep an open appearance. Use decorative jewelry boxes sparingly. Store additional items in closets or dresser drawers.

Empty all your dresser drawers.

Store any off season clothing.  Pack up anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in a year to donate.  Refold and return any current clothes to the dresser.

Tackle the closet.

Again donate anything you haven’t worn in a year. Find storage solutions such as shelves, hanger bars, storage bins, shelving units or garment bags that will work well in your unique space. Clear plastic is always a good choice as it will save time when you’re ready to change over seasonal clothing or are looking for a specific piece.

Everything has a place.

Remove any items that don’t belong in the bedroom such as mail, newspapers, laptops, laundry (unless its in a hamper), and anything the kids may have dragged into your room. Dust and vacuum the entire space.  Launder your bedding.  Remake the bed. Sit back and admire your hard work.

Keeping the bed made and limiting the number of throw pillows can also keep the room looking tidy and uncluttered. For example, get in the habit of putting laundry away as soon as its done rather than allowing it to pile of the bed, chair or on top of the dresser. Get in the donation habit. Create a pile of items to donate once a quarter. As you buy new clothing, remove an equal number of older pieces to donate.

Tidy Tips for your Bedroom

Everything in its place.

As simple as that seems, it’s really three steps in one. For everything to be in its place, everything has to have a place. Everyone in the house has to know the places for their stuff. Finally, the stuff has to actually get to the designated places.

Staging areas.

Staging areas can work for some people, although whenever possible it’s best to just put things away or sort through them immediately. Mail goes on the kitchen desk or the hall table until it makes it’s way to the office to be read, paid or shredded. Miscellaneous stuff the kids leave around the living areas go in baskets on the stairs until it makes it’s way up to their rooms. You get the idea. Just be careful that these staging areas don’t become dumping grounds.

Multitask as you move through the house.

Every time you move from one room to another, check to see if anything else in the room needs to move with you either to its designated place or a staging area.

This simple steps will keep the house picked up and easier to deep clean on a weekly basis. If you don’t already have a tidy habit, give yourself a 60-day goal to build a new habit. Mark it on your calendar or set a reminder on your phone to help you get there.

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