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Tips for Working from Home Successfully

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Tips for Working from Home Successfully

working from hoimeAs we begin to realize the enormous ramifications of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many of you are working from home, possibly for the first time. And many of you are also discovering that home-schooling your children isn’t as fun as it might have seemed like it would be. Balancing the two? Nearly impossible! We’ve put together some tips to help you organize your home office and find success working from home.

Dedicated Space

One of the most important ways you can have success with working from home is by making sure you have a dedicated space. Depending on your circumstances, that space might be a folding chair and table set up in a corner of your bedroom, but if you have a space you can set aside for work, you should.


Make sure your wireless internet is up to par; most internet companies are offering access to their services for free or for a discount, so if you don’t have internet access at home, you can still get it for you and for your kids to be able to do homework.

In addition to internet service, you’ll need a laptop that has a firewall and virus detection software on it. You’ll need access to your work email, which your company may help you set up. You may want to look into downloading Zoom or Skype so that you can keep in touch with and have virtual meetings with your staff.

Quiet Hours

Everyone – including your boss – will need to flexible in the coming weeks. You will be balancing a lot, especially if you have kids home from school. It’s ok to have dedicated quiet hours for your work time, even if they are only in two-hour chunks. During those times, have a list of things your kids can do on their own, or swap off work time with your spouse or partner.

Organize Your Office to Succeed

Have everything you need nearby – headphones and microphone for calls, a notepad and pen to make a list of priorities for each day, contact information for coworkers and supervisors, and anything else that might be useful. You may want to consider using Slack or Tribe for communicating.

Give Yourself a Break

These are stressful and frightening times. Do what you can to stay on a schedule, deliver work on time, and take care of your family. But take care of you, too. Exercise, eat well, get fresh air.


Cris Sgrott

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