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Maniac Book Club – Worn Stories by Emily Spivack

Maniac Book Club – Worn Stories by Emily Spivack

We are starting off this year’s Maniac Book Club with one of my favorite books, New York Times bestseller, Worn Stories by Emily Spivack. Worn Stories by Emily Spivack is the perfect book to start our 2020 Maniac Book Club.

Everyone has a memoir in miniature in at least one piece of clothing. In Worn Stories, Emily Spivack has collected over
sixty of these clothing-inspired narratives from cultural figures and talented storytellers. First-person accounts range from the
everyday to the extraordinary, such as artist Marina Abramovic on the boots she wore to walk the Great Wall of China; musician Rosanne Cash on the purple shirt that belonged to her father; and fashion designer Cynthia Rowley on the Girl Scout sash that informed her business acumen.

Achieving Your 2020 Goals

As you start 2020 with lots of goals, I know you can accomplish all of your new year’s resolutions. My wish for you is that you accomplish all of your amazing goals in 2020. If you have goals of getting more organized, I am here cheering you on!

Maniac Takeaway

This is a collection of short stories and the personal connections each person has to an item in their closet. Worn Stories by Emily Spivack is a good read for anyone who wants to understand the connection between clothing and memories.  Here’s a quote from my favorite story, which I share with you in the full report.

John offered me his hiking boots. “Take’em,” he said before I could protest. “They don’t fit me. I got the ugliest blisters you ever seen. I’ll be better in sneakers.” What he meant, I realized, was that he’d reached his destination, and I hadn’t. There was farther for me to go, and I needed those boots more than him. He was right. I wore them for years.

Worn Stories by Emily Spivack is available on Amazon.

Download our full report here.

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