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Unfinished Projects: It’s a Time Management Thing

unfinished projects

Unfinished Projects: It’s a Time Management Thing

We all have a tendency to underestimate how much time a project is going to take. Because of that, we tend to end up having a lot of unfinished projects. On this Smead Podcast, Cris talks about the mistakes we make when estimating time and how to get ourselves to be more aware of time and how long things actually take to get done. Watch it here:


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Our professional organizers have transformed homes just like yours. We’ve done hundreds of custom projects, including Garages, Closets, Attics, and Basements. We have done Clutter Removal, organized Kitchens, and improved Home Offices. Other areas that we tackle include streamlining bill-paying systems, Relocation, Estate disposition, and Space planning. We are there for you to handle the various phases of life such as End of life, Medical claims, Divorce transition, and Transition to Parenthood. Need help with Time Management or Household Management? Give us a call!

We specialize in providing home organizing solutions to individuals with Brain Based conditions like ADD, ADHD, hoarding, OCD and Chronic Disorganization. Get in touch.

Cris is THE best!!!! I have had such a wonderful experience working with her and have learned invaluable information from her. She is one of a kind. The experience I have had is much more deeper and meaningful than just sorting through some files (even though we’ve done A LOT of that). I am going to be a lifer at Organizing Maniacs. I’m excited to have progressed to her “Accountability Program” to maintain growing professionally and personally. I will be posting pictures soon of what all we’ve done! Love ya, Cris!

Natalie S. – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Cris Sgrott

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