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2020 Book Club Reports

Welcome to the 2020 Maniacs’ Book Club Archive!

Each month the Organizing Maniacs’ team selects an organizing book, reads it, and prepares a Report and Video with a summary and tips for you. You get access to applicable strategies that you can put to use right away! We’ve gathered the 2020 videos and reports all in one place on this page.


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January 2020 – Worn Stories by Emily Spivack

Not all things that we have in our lives are clutter and some of those things really mean something. And if they do mean something to you, do people around you that you love know the meaning of these things to you? So if something was to happen to you, will they be willing to say, you know, this mug is super important to me and here’s why? It could live on into somebody else’s lives or whatnot.

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