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An Organized Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

organized kitchen

An Organized Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

organized kitchenMost people spend a lot time in the kitchen! From meal prep, to cooking, to putting away groceries and dishes, the kitchen is the hub of your home. An organized kitchen does make a different. Your kitchen should have a good flow that helps you when you are in that space rather than hindering you. Organizing your cabinets and pantries can be a daunting task but here are some ideas that may help make it easier. 

Pantry Organizing

If you have a pantry space, chances are, sometimes it can make things even more difficult when you are spending time shifting things around to find what you need. One thing that might make it easier is to use containers to group items together. For example, if you love the look of a wicker basket, place your paper products in one and your baking toppings in another. You can also place things that you use everyday right at eye level and things that you use less frequently on the top or bottom shelves. Lazy susans are a great way to organize baking spices and other small containers. Not only do they keep them altogether but they also work to maximize the space. Something else to consider is having your baking items, such as flour and sugar, and other loose items like cereals and oatmeals – things you may buy in bulk – in their own labeled containers in your pantry.  

Organized Kitchen Cabinets 

Cabinets are a special battle for many of us. One thing that might help, despite the size and shape of your cabinets, are shelf risers. These tools are a great hack which allow you to add a level of storage space without adding another whole shelf piece. If space isn’t the issue, better organizing can be had by prioritizing what you use most. Use the other cabinets for those dishes that you use occasionally or only for special occasions. That way the ones you open most or have the easiest access to, contain exactly what you need! Feel free to look back at some of our other hacks for cabinets as well to maximize space. 

Organizing your kitchen pantry and cabinets can make the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable. As always, start small, don’t expect perfection, and when you want some expert help, connect with us.

Cris Sgrott

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