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Maniac Tips for Surviving Black Friday

black Friday shopping tips

Maniac Tips for Surviving Black Friday

You might be up at midnight standing in line for the latest DVD deal at Walmart. Or, you might be lined up outside Best Buy in the hopes of scoring one of their 75″ 4K UHD Smart TVs with HDR. Either way, Black Friday definitely offers temptations. More than 165 million plan to shop this year.  If you’re worried that Black Friday will cause you to spend more than you should, read this first. These tips can be used for surviving Black Friday or for any time of year. They’ll help you take better control of your shopping and spending.

Shop the Ads from Home First

Before heading out into the fray, go online and check out the Black Friday deals that will be available. You may be able to convince yourself to stay in bed where it’s warm – or at least limit the number of stores you plan to visit.

You’re Not Saving Money If You Spend What You Didn’t Budget

Just because it’s a good deal doesn’t mean you have to buy it. If it’s not in the budget or on your holiday shopping list anyway, you don’t need to buy it.

Don’t Take Your Credit Cards with You

Sure, you earn a few points or cash back on your credit card purchases. If having your credit card on you makes you feel like you can buy whatever you want, it’s better to leave it at home. No loyalty reward is going to overcome the interest you pay on purchases you didn’t really need to make.

Make a List – and Stick to It

If you do venture out for Black Friday deals, make a list of what you want to buy from each store. Take the ads with you, so you know exactly what the deal is for and how much it’s supposed to be. If they’re out of stock, ask for a rain check. While most retailers won’t do that for Black Friday deals, some will.

Don’t Be Tempted

Easier said than done, right? But Black Friday deals really are designed to get you in the store so that you’ll spend more money on other things. And sometimes, the things on the sale are cheap for a reason. Be mindful about what you buy and whether it’s really a good deal. Is it really worth the spend?  These factors are especially important if you’re charging it.

Black Friday shopping is an annual tradition for a lot of people. There are great deals to be had, but like any time of year, it’s best to be mindful about what you buy.


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